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In Pursuit of Tea Jasmine Pearls Tea Bags


Enjoy the convenience of Jasmine Pearls in a teabag! This naturally flower-scented green tea is made in Fujian Province, China.

A sweet, fragrant cup can be enjoyed through several infusions of the same teabag—watch as the pearls slowly unfurl into beautiful leaf and bud sets.

The traditional production technique is what distinguishes this lot: Crafted solely from spring-picked, southern Chinese green tea, and fresh jasmine blossoms, each pearl consists of a silvery bud and tender young leaves, individually rolled by hand and later dried amid flowers to naturally absorb their intense scent. The pearls are intermingled with night-blooming jasmine over a period of five to seven consecutive evenings—which is when most of its essential oils are released.

The blossoms are carefully removed each day, leaving the tea redolent of floral sweetness. The material for our teabags is completely plant-derived, and they are electrostatically sealed—without glue or staples—so the pure flavor and aroma of the tea can shine through.

  • Country: China
  • Region: Fujian Province
  • Tasting Notes: floral, sweet, light
  • Year of Production: 2019

In Pursuit of Tea Jasmine Pearls Tea Bags