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La Colombe


Our founders Todd Carmichael and J.P. Iberti built La Colombe on a simple but ambitious mission: to make the world better through coffee. What started out as a vision for serving the best coffee to the country, became an opportunity to influence meaningful change around the world. This is how we plan to make a difference.


We formed our internal Equity Council to amplify, organize, and activate La Colombe’s internal and external efforts to promote social justice and dismantle the causes of inequality and racism.


We’re committed to building, strengthening, and healing communities where we live and work through our community based initiatives like: COFFEE FOR A CAUSE. $2 of every box sold goes to The Loveland Foundation which works tirelessly to provide access to therapy and other means of healing for Black women and girls across the country; EMERGENCY FUNDING FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES–After the Wyoming Valley School District in Pennsylvania threatened to send children to foster care if their parents couldn’t pay outstanding lunch debts, Todd personally stepped in offering to pay the lunch debt in full. Todd benefited from subsidized lunches himself, and knows that providing a little relief for families in need will go a long way for the lives of these kids. Learn about our other initiatives here:


We believe in leaving a better world for future generations. Sustainability is top of mind in our cafes, roasting and warehouse facilities. Through sustainable packaging, environmentally-friendly practices, and support of our country’s most valued outdoor landmarks, the National Parks, we aim to create a better world by eliminating waste and preserving our environment. Learn more here.

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