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With its uber-comprehensive, obsessively researched, tried and tested collection of self-care strategies, anxiety-quelling techniques, and mood-boosting tools and resources, Mindfulness for a Messy Life gives you everything you need to become your own greatest mental health ally. 
Whether you're contending with anxiety or depression, or are simply overwhelmed by the ongoing stressors of everyday life, managing life's 'mess' can become a full-time job–an exhausting, dispiriting one at that!

Combining the best of positive psychology, mindfulness practices, somatic awareness, and cognitive behavioral therapy, Mindfulness for a Messy Life will help you get back in touch with the healthy, vibrant person you are underneath all that mess.
Through the MfML programs, tools & resources, you will learn to relate to yourself from a place of understanding and acceptance; recognize yourself as valuable, and worthy of love and respect; build an inner foundation of compassion, and develop the kind of grounded optimism that fosters meaningful change.
In other words, you will become your own greatest ally.