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In search of suppliers, Donna and Samuel Smith, the founders of the brand, traveled hundreds of times to Italy and Portugal, both countries famous for their heritage in ceramic craftsmanship.

They visited local potters and factories and, as they watched skilled artisans finish and paint each piece by hand, they were inspired to create a unique assortment of authentic and charming pieces that defines CASAFINA's lifestyle until today.

With the increasing demand for sustainable growth, Casafina has made this our priority.

The effort to go green and to minimize our impact on the environment is (always) a work in progress. It is no small task - yet for us, it's one of the most important.

We commit ourselves daily to protect the environment, avoiding unnecessary harm through the resources we use and the products we manufacture.

CASAFINA sees its products and operations as part of a long-life cycle and is committed to taking better care of the community and of the world.

Sustainable Ceramics

- Eco-friendly products, reusable and recyclable;
- The use of local natural resources minimizes our ecological footprint;
- Single-fired production (fine stoneware products) that saves energy and reduces emissions into the atmosphere;
- Products made with high % of recycled materials (clays and glazes), decreasing the use of capital, energy, and natural resources.