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Sefte Living

Inspired By Nature. Created By Hand

Sefte Living offers casually elegant, wellness-driven products for the home, led by twin sisters Jenn & Sarah Pearsall. Inspired by nature and created by hand using centuries-old techniques, Sefte’s artisans create softness and luxury, using 100% baby alpaca, that can not only be seen, but felt. 

100% Handmade by Artisans

At Sefte, we know all of the artisans that make our products by hand - each artisan honoring the ancient weaving traditions passed down through generations. Each piece is created using honest and pure materials and is carefully hand-crafted by artisans with centuries old techniques, honoring the ancient weaving traditions passed down through generations and allowing our artisans to create a softness and luxury that can not only be seen, but felt.

With the increasing demand for sustainable growth, Casafina has made this our priority.

The effort to go green and to minimize our impact on the environment is (always) a work in progress. It is no small task - yet for us, it's one of the most important.
We commit ourselves daily to protect the environment, avoiding unnecessary harm through the resources we use and the products we manufacture.

Purpose Driven

Sefte was born from our desire to stay connected to one another, to connect women everywhere. Providing financial independence for our artisans, we strive to enable them to stay in their rural communities and keep sisters together at every level.

Where Beauty and Sustainability Meet

We believe the home is an inner sanctum, a place to live slowly, artfully, and deliberately. With a focus on casual elegance, serenity and self-care, each piece is one-of-a-kind and designed to instill a sense of sanctuary within you and your home.

Each customer will find solace in knowing that every product is created with real human hands with honest, pure materials. This craftsmanship, luxury, and soul, creates a potency to our pieces, helping you slow down and cherish the moments. They are designed for ritual use.

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