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In Pursuit of Tea

Sebastian Beckwith and friends started In Pursuit of Tea in 1999 to explore small farms in Asia and source the finest teas available. We continue to visit these historic tea-growing regions to taste the season’s harvest and bring back the best. Using centuries-old techniques, these small farm teas are carefully tended, with leaves handpicked and then crafted with great care. We don't blend lots or add flavorings; believing that within its leaves, each tea offers the truest expression of its essence.

We rely on our close relationships with the farmers that we source from, and spend time with them on their farms and in their homes. We choose to work with producers who care for the land, their families and workers, and their tea plants. In addition, the methods for making traditional tea are hundreds to thousands of years old, so by nature these agricultural practices are already in line with the modern concept of organic–a certification that is financially impossible for many of the small producers we work with.


When you purchase tea from us, you are helping to directly support threatened tea farming traditions, and provide a fair price for an artisanal agricultural product.