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Dream Bundle: Herbs & Flowers for Smoke Cleansing


Grown from seed or wildcrafted, harvested and bundled by hand. 

These herbal smoke cleansing sticks contain herbs and flowers grown in the Wild Rabbit backyard garden, or ethically wildcrafted, and are made up of whatever plants are available and appropriate at the time. This may include herbs like: mugwort, catmint, lavender, lemon balm, thyme, chamomile, yarrow, valerian, garden sage, mountain sage, rose, calendula, peppermint, holy basil, goldenrod and bee balm, among others.

Each bundle is UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND. Photos shown here are examples of one batch of bundles - what you receive will be similar to what you see but may vary in color, size, texture, etc. That's the beauty of these bundles!

This listing is for ONE herb & flower stick.

Contains: Unique mixture of garden grown organic herbs and flowers.

To use:

Have your sacred intention ready. Hold bundle under open flame until it ignites. Blow out the flame. Hold the smoking stick over a dish to catch any ashes, and focusing on your intention move the stick around yourself or your space and use the smoke to clear, cleanse, bless, call in, or invoke ceremony. When finished, tamp down to extinguish or briefly run under cold water. Store in a cool, dry place for later use. Never leave a lit bundle unattended.

Always use in a well ventilated space and do not directly inhale smoke. Not for use around pets or children.

Dream Bundle: Herbs & Flowers for Smoke Cleansing