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Hi there, I’m Leslie

It all began with an idea. If I couldn’t find skincare that was non-toxic, super effective, and made with plants rather than chemicals… well, then maybe I could make it myself. Scientist that I am, I was eager to dive into research and experimentation. For the next ten years I enjoyed making my own skin and body care products, fine-tuning recipes, and giving out little skincare gifts to friends and family. Then during the chaos of 2020, I threw myself into learning the ins and outs of making soap. I made wayyy too much, decided to have a little “pop up shop” via Instagram, and somehow my little hobby into something more. Now I’m sharing my passion project with the world. Thank you for stopping in, I’m so glad that you’re here.

What we do

At Salt Point Farm we infuse the nourishing properties of organic herbs and botanicals into your daily skincare routine. Any ingredients we don’t grow ourselves are sourced as locally as possible to ensure our products are always highly effective and nutrient rich. Everything we offer is handmade in small batches in the Hudson Valley.