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As a small business with big dreams Lüks is committed to the ethical production of all of our products, we curate with utility, joy and timeless style working with master weavers and family ateliers in the regions of Denizli and Hatay in Turkey. We're not a trend led brand so whilst each season may see a new colour and product or two our core design range remains unchanged since we launched.

The cotton from which our products are made is spun and dyed locally for our ateliers, who have been weaving for generations. Making lifetime lasting products is second nature to them and marries well we our belief in slow living not fast fashion.

Having OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification on all of our products our next aim is to become a certified organic brand by the end of 2019. It is not always an easy process as the ongoing annual costs for GOTS certification for some or our smaller ateliers is prohibitive, however we are already working with two ateliers, who actively promote the use of GOTS accredited cotton and are working on how we can support our family weavers without whom the brand would simply not exist.