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House of Good transpired when two kindred spirits, with particularly parallel lives, crossed paths and realized that we shared the same dream: to surround ourselves with GOOD things. Things that are artful, joyful and purposeful.

Exercising the lessons and disciplines learned as graphic designers, we created an uncommon vessel flaunting two identities, a chalice + a candelabra,
that celebrates a life that persists long after the flame has blown out. We pour each clean-burning candle by hand and each with intention and purpose.

We are Masters, Makers, Journey-women and Pathfinders.

Cottage01DUOTONE copy.jpg

Our exclusive candle holder was designed to have a life well beyond its initial burn. Each vessel is a handmade sculpture that can be celebrated as an object or can be turned over and used as a candelabra.


Our scents are created with clean, phthalate-free fine fragrances sourced around the globe. We use sustainable vegan, virgin-coconut and soy wax and 100% cotton wicks for a clean and even burn. And all product is 100% plastic-free.



We put a little love into each candle that we pour. We take great pride in sharing our kindness generously and founded House of Good to do so on a grander scale.